Nokya LED head light bulbs

These are the new high power 1600 and 1900 lumen 6000K LED head light bulbs from Nokya, if you are looking to upgrade your stock head light bulbs for cosmetic reasons, as well as to improve visibility in poor weather, Nokya LED head light bulbs are an excellent choice, they also come with a 12 months warranty from Nokya.

These LED bulbs are specifically developed to be used as head light bulbs, and therefore will project the same beam pattern as the OEM head lamps. This is very important and makes them a much better choice for upgrading your head lamps compared to HID conversion kits. The bulbs used in HID kits are not designed to be used in standard halogen bulb housings and therefore result in virtually no beam pattern—just light going everywhere. With HID kits there is no cut-off point so it will actually be more difficult to see in poor weather as the uncontrolled light will illuminate the fog and reflect light back to the driver.

These LED bulbs are designed to be used as head light ONLY.  Please click on the bulb types below for details.  Price is for one pair of bulbs.

***Attention to our customers***

Not all of our light bulbs or LED bulbs are street legal. All of our bulbs are intended either for export, off road used or use as auxiliary lightings only. Lighting laws are differ from state to state. Please check with your local DMV, police department or state highway patrol for the automobile lighting regulations within your state. We are not liable for any improper use or any damage resulted of using our products. Use at your own risk.

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