HIR H4 12V 75W 4200K
HIR H4 12V 75W 4200K
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H4/9003/HB2 12V 75W 4200K HIR replacement bulbs (this is a single filament bulb, low beam only). These bulbs are made in Korea. This halogen infrared (HIR) lamps retain all the benefits of the standard halogen, but are even more efficient, HIR uses a high temperature reflective film to coat the inner glass capsule and trap wasted invisible infrared light within, which redirected the infrared heat to the filament to produce more visible light (close to the brightness of the HID).

  • Color temperature is similar to 4200K HID bulbs (yellowish white color) .

  • Our 9003/H4 xenon gas-filled bulbs is 2300lm (HID D2R is 2800lm, normal halogen around 1500lm) .

  • No extra parts or relay needed, the base is the same as your stock bulb.

  • Improves driver visibility and better concentration.

  • Reflects the road markings and signs better than the standard halogen bulbs.

  • Enables drivers to concentrate better on the roads, less fatigue for eyes.

  • Sold in pair, price is for 2 bulbs.
This item comes with a 30 days warranty. If you needed any assistance, please email us at .

No return for refund or exchange, but will replace defected bulb(s) within the warranty period.

Fit most older model cars and trucks that use this bulb type, it
WILL NOT fit if your vehicle has a projector type headlamp housing, please refer to your car's owner manual or consult our replacement bulb charts for the correct bulb size.