D3S 6000K HID xenon bulbs
D3S 6000K HID xenon bulbs
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D3S 35W 6000K "white colore" HID replacement xenon car bulbs (made in Korea), is used in vehicles equipped with a Projection/Ellipsoidal optical housing unit. ONLY for vehicles equipped with D3S OEM (factory) HID bulbs. The D3S bulb is similar to the D1S, its ignitor is incorporated into the base of the bulb, eliminated the extra part and space, but they are environmental friendly and mercury free. Please note the D1 and D3 are not compatible, a D3 specification ballast is needed. Our D3S come with a 12 months warranty.
Audi started to equip the D3 bulbs in a few of their newer models in 2008, some other manufacturers such as: Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln and Volkswagen, Volvo also install the D3S in some of their selected models.
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DO NOT install or remove this product when the power of your car is on.

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  • Our D3S HID (high intensity discharge) xenon bulbs is designed to provide you better visibility than your stock OEM HID bulbs.
  • The Clear white light produced by our HID bulbs is similar to daylight.
  • The life span of the bulbs are more than 2000 hours.
  • Sold in pair, price is for 2 bulbs.

The quality of our D3S HID xenon bulbs are as good as the other major brands.

Fit cars equiped with original D3S stock bulbs only, please refer to your car's owner manual or consult our replacement bulb charts for the correct bulb size.

We recommended installing this product by an electrical technician or under the technician's supervision. Lightbulbs4cars.com will not be held liable for any injure or damage caused by the improper handling of our products.