Nokya 9006 white LED fog light bulbs
Nokya 9006 white LED fog light bulbs
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Nokya 9006 (HB4) 6000K high power LED fog light bulbs. OEM quality, engineered and manufactured in Korea. This item is also available in Lime Yellow color.

If you are looking to upgrade your stock fog light bulbs for cosmetic reasons, as well as to improve visibility in poor weather, Nokya Led Fog Light Bulbs are an excellent choice.

These LED bulbs are specifically developed to be used as fog light bulbs, and therefore will project the same beam pattern as the OEM fog lamps. This is very important and makes them a much better choice for upgrading your fog lights compared to HID conversion kits. Fog lights are intended to illuminate the edge of the road, the lane markings, and the immediate foreground in poor weather. Therefore they should have a wide and low beam pattern with a sharp cutoff point. There should be little to no light projected above that cutoff point as it will only illuminate the fog and produce excessive glare.

So fog lights do not actually cut through the fog in order to improve visibility, they light the road underneath it so you can stay on course and avoid obstacles while driving at a reduced speed in poor weather. This is exactly why HID kits are a very bad idea for fog lights.

The bulbs used in HID kits are not designed to be used in standard halogen bulb housings and therefore result in virtually no beam pattern—just light going everywhere. With HID kits there is no cut-off point so it will actually be more difficult to see in poor weather as the uncontrolled light will illuminate the fog and reflect light back to the driver.

DO NOT use for low beam, these LED bulbs are designed to be used as fog lamp or day time running light only, might not be compatible with some new model European vehicles and also included the new models from Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, these vehicles may require the resistors (sold separately) to cancel the error message/light. Please click here for the resistor kit.

WILL NOT work on fog lamp assembly that has a bulb shield (little cup in front of the light bulb), please see image below, most of the fog lamp assemblies don't have the bulb shield.

  • Color harmonized with HID in effect and color temperature.

  • Same beam pattern as OEM fog lamp.

  • Build-in heat sink under the base of the bulb, which eliminates overheating issue.

  • Consume less power, last longer than any halogen bulbs.

  • 50,000 hours life expectancy

  • 10 watt / 1200 total lumen (600 each) CREETM LED's

  • 12V & 24V compatible

  • Direct replacement, same base as the 9006 halogen bulbs.

  • 24 months warranty.

  • Sold in pair, price is for 2 bulbs.

Fit vehicles equipped original HB4 bulbs, please refer to your car's owner manual or consult our replacement bulb charts for the correct bulb size.

***Attention to our customers***

Not all of our bulbs are street legal. All of our bulbs are intended either for show or off road used, use as auxiliary lighting and export only. Lighting laws are differ from state to state. Please check with your local DMV, police department or state highway patrol for the automobile lighting regulations within your state. We are not liable for any improper use or any damage of your vehicle(s) resulted of using our products. Use at your own risk.